Begin your path back to health now.  A mis-alignment of the spine can affect all parts of the body, but it can be corrected, rebuilding function and health.

What is Chiropractic Neurology?   

Previously, it was thought that the brain, once developed, was fixed and unchangeable.  But Recent studies have shown that the brain is plastic, meaning that its natural state is one which is flexible and changeable and that, with appropriate treatment can normalize any dysfunction of the nervous system.

 Dysfunction of specific parts of the brain can show up as neck pain, shoulder pain, Back pain or even loss of balance, as well as many other symptoms.  A Chiropractic Neurologist, by examining your nervous system, finds out which area of the brain is not functioning at its optimum during the neurological exam.  Then the Chiropractic Neurologist finds the best form of treatment to stimulate and reactivate the specific part; to form new neural connections and enhance the function of your nervous system.  At Chiropractic Neurology Enhancement Center, we treat your body as a whole, rather than as a set of individual pains, of your neck, back, or other parts.  We alleviate your pain by designing a treatment plan to re-balance any body/brain dysfunction, while enhancing your overall brain health, so that once your body is healed, it will not return to the old patterns.

Chiropractic Neurology Enhancement Center

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